How to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website?

How to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website?

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If you go by web analytics, domain authority is of utmost importance, as a web metric. Most of the website owners and bloggers have one goal in their mind, which is to rank higher in search engines.

You will find hundreds of mainstream web metrics out there, but there exists one such metric that does the magic for SEO is the Domain Authority.

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What exactly is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a score or a rank(ranging from 0 to 100) developed by Moz which estimates how well a particular website will rank on Google as well as other search engines.

It’s a fact that a website with a high domain authority score is going to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). In the course of this article we will discuss different ways or a proper guide to increase the DA of your website.

Why is Domain Authority(DA) crucial to your website?

For a website to get visible, the website must be ranked higher on Google and other search engine result pages. DA is the ultimate tool for search engine ranking.

Few snippets about Domain Authority

  • Over 40 signals are taken into consideration to calculate the domain authority.
  • Websites which have high ranking on search engines tend to have a high DA score.
  • There is a chain which is followed as High DA score> high search engine rankings> more traffic.
  • Domain Authority is a slow process and it will not change overnight.

Many will advise you that there are various ways to increase DA. But one major point to keep in mind is that this is not going to be an easy process and requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and hardwork.

How To Increase Domain Authority of your Website?

Domain Authority is something which is built up and cannot be purchased. It is a technique using which we need to improve the website rankings.

Below are some of the feasible steps which you can use to gain a better Domain Authority.

  • Content is King

No matter how much you work upon the design, theme or infrastructure of the website, if the web content is not relevant to your targeted audience, everything boils down to zero. Every minute a whole chunk of content is uploaded over the web. To stand apart from your competitors, it is highly recommended to make use of videos and GIFs to make your content more appealing. While framing content, don’t make use of shortcuts like(copying and pasting). Maintain zero plagiarism with high quality originality.

  • On Page SEO Tactics

On-Page SEO is a great way of optimization. It plays a significant role when it comes to transferring the DA from low to high. For on-page optimization, things that are needed to keep in mind are keyword density(0.5 to 1.5%), heading tags, permalink structure, meta description, etc.

  • Internal Linking is a “Key Factor”

With most number of internal linkages a site can have a maximum DA score/rank. Internal linking can help in reducing the bounce rate( the avg time spent by the visitors on your site). However, internal links the information on the older posts to show the relevancy to the current post. This will help the search engines bots to easily crawl over your content.

  • Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a wonderful way to increase your brand’s authority. This will also help in increasing referral traffic. But your guest posting can turn spammy if you are implementing it using the wrong methods. Guest posting can be strongly implemented by posting it on high authority sites and by avoiding link stuffing. If you follow these quick steps you will embark upon a road that will yield positive results. The idea is to keep trying and keep evolving. The more you are dynamic to the changes around, the more you will get accustomed to ways of improving your domain authority score.

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